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Innovative Wound Consultants (IWC) prioritizes enhancing patient outcomes while reducing costs through efficient and effective wound care treatment options. Our team of wound experts specializes in improving comprehensive care strategies that leverage innovative products and unique management services to expedite treatment and recovery. We provide exclusive services, including wound care service line planning, execution, and optimization, market and partnership identification, and clinical/operational management. With our vast experience in wound care business improvement for healthcare stakeholders, we equip clients with the tools to identify new growth opportunities while mitigating potential business pitfalls and payer challenges.


Wound Care Service Line Planning

IWC covers all aspects of planning, execution, and optimization, including evaluation, and clinical and operational management.


IWC understands the importance of providing efficient and effective wound care treatment for patients to improve health care outcomes and reduce costs.


IWC's focus is on creating innovative and compliant care strategies that speed up treatment and enhance recovery outcomes.

Target Identification / Implementation

IWC identifies appropriate wound care discovery, competitive product intelligence, and compliant business strategy services by providing innovation scouting and Implementation.

Negotiations / Partnerships

IWC's direct relationships with manufacturers give us the ability to exert purchasing power and obtain competitive pricing with favorable terms for all products.


IWC offers analytical analysis, comparing current practice KPIs with similar products to prioritize cost savings and compliance.

Clinical / Operational management

Our clinical and operational management team at IWC provides close oversight to ensure scrupulous adherence to ALL MAC and LCD requirements.

Product Selection

Our expertise lies in educating stakeholders about the appropriate product selection for a diverse range of wounds

Staff Training

focuses on medical necessity education, conservative care protocols, precise documentation methods, and adherence to state and federal guidelines


Wound Care Explained

IWC prioritizes the safety of our partners, providers, and manufacturing partnerships over profits.

IWC provides consultation services, guidance, and information only on products and services that conform to national or regional Average Sales Price (ASP) or Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC) standards.

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IWC stays up-to-date with the latest developments, trends, and technologies in the wound care industry to ensure that our partners make informed decisions. Our team has extensive experience in opening, managing, growing, and advising wound care centers and hospital units across the United States. We provide expert guidance and support to ensure compliance with federal regulations, avoiding fines and penalties, and meeting legal, ethical, and professional standards of care.

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